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Get the real facts about digital art coatings and how Optima testing proves that our Liquid Laminates™ provide the best protection for all applications.

Below are studies of our conservation experiment results and a discussion of how Optima Liquid Laminates™ work. In the right hand section, we discuss Color Fading and Coating Exposures.

Read all of this to understand the quality and performance that make Optima International the World Leader Since 1993.


Conservation Experiment Results

Optima is conducting exposure fence experiments in Southern Florida utilizing a solar tracking device. According to this test protocol, objects are exposed -- unfiltered -- to direct sunlight for five years. Optima has thus far logged 3180 days on Optima Liquid Laminates™ coated, ink jet prints with no discernible change. Optima has the longest running experiments in the industry.

Accelerated experiments are being conducted in a state-of- the-art laboratory equipped with a Xenon Arc Test Chamber. Xenon Arc is the most technologically advanced artificial light source available for testing of this kind. The manufacturers of the Xenon Chamber published the following correlation: 1200 hours of Xenon Arc Chamber testing is equivalent to two years of natural sunlight. The experiments are 4500 watts of Xenon Arc. (4500 watts is equal to 60,000 LUX).

How™ Optima Liquid Laminates™ work

OPTIMA UV/LS/S contains Ultraviolet Light Absorbers (UVLA) that absorb UV radiation, dissipating it as harmless levels of heat within the coating. These molecules are specially designed with a Hydrogen-Oxygen bond that is broken when it is hit by UV radiation. Rather than becoming an unstable free radical, the "energized" UVLA molecule remains stable. The molecule then reverts back to its original state whereby the Hydrogen and Oxygen ions re-bond and throw off the extra energy as heat. This heat is of such a negligible level that it is immediately dissipated within the ™Liquid Laminates™. Therefore it will not lose it's protective ability through time.

Ultraviolet Light Absorbers are very effective at reducing the level of free radicals formed. However, they can not absorb all incident UV light. As stated above, once any free radicals are formed, they start a "cascading" process whereby new free radicals are formed at an increasing rate.

To solve this problem, Optima Liquid Laminates™ contain STABILIZED Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (LS/S). These molecules are designed to scavenge free radicals, regenerating them to their initial stable form. Much like UVLA, these molecules are also regenerating. After oxidizing in reaction to contact with free radicals, these molecules revert back to their original state.

Thus, none of Optima Liquid Laminates'™ additives will ever "wear-out". Optima International has exposed its samples to a state-of-the-art Xenon Arc (4500 watts=60,000 LUX, .01 LUX=1 Candlepower).


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