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20% off all Optima minicoaters. ON SALE. Limited time only.

Super easy to clean, built to last, designed for commercial applications, these Minicoaters outperform the competition. Protecting large format prints has never been so easy. Water or solvent-based fluids perform equally well with Minicoaters, available in: 36", 56", 76" 110/220 V models.
Minicoaters do an equally great job laminating vinyl, canvas, photo-paper, tyvek and other types of media. They are a complete laminating system guaranteed to meet your laminating needs and backed by one year manufacturers warranty.

If you are interested in the Optima Minicoater Liquid Laminators? please contact us via e-mail or call 720.227.8581.


Product Features:

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for clean up.
  • Maintains constant level of fluid in the tray to assure uniform thickness of coating
  • Remaining quantity of fluid is always visible to the operator, so that they will never run out of fluid in the middle of laminating a picture
  • All parts of the machine are made of rust proof metals or powder-coated painted metal for durability
  • Laminates with speeds from 4.0 to 6.0 ft per minute
  • Easy cleanup, machine disassembles in seconds without any tools. The rollers and tray can be washed directly under running water, instead of bringing the water to the work area.
  • Fabric supply tray beneath the rollers, protects unrolling pictures from abrasions during the laminating process.
  • Laminating fluid tray empties into a supply bottle
  • Quiet motor guarantees steady all day operation
  • Available versions for 36", 56" and 76" media width

Electrical: Works on 110 and 220 Volts










Optima International designed and manufactures 36" to 16.10' Convertible Rollacoat Systems? Liquid Laminators?


These cost effective, state of the art, industrial quality roll coaters incorporate interchangeable hard chrome rollers and attached ceramic infrared dryers or UV cure dryers. The Convertible Rollacoat Systems? Liquid Laminators? will produce a completely dry, fade resistant, water resistant, inkjet print in seconds, for guaranteed long-term conservation...
To view our Second Generation UV Cure Liquid Laminate
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If you are interested in the Optima Convertible Rollacoat Systems? Liquid Laminators? please contact us via e-mail or call 720.227.8581.



Details and Descriptions:

  • All machines are both roll feed and sheet feed.
  • All prices include the Optima Infracure? attached Infrared Dryer. The dryer utilizes our Optima Infracure? patented process.
  • Fully-adjustable for coating and substrate thickness.
  • Average drying time per linear foot, Flash Dry, 0% V.O.C.
  • All prices include a 5 gallon tank with agitator, recirculating pump and heat element.
  • Custom wiring for South America, South Africa, Canada and Europe.
  • Self Cleaning.
  • Safety Features -- Machines are completely encased for safety--no exposed "pinch points".
  • Warranty -- Two Years with Optima Liquid Laminate? Products.













Optima Super Shot? and Convertible Rollacoat System.

Optima International releases The Optima Super Shot? Atomizer. Optima International manufactures a flexible acrylic LIQUID LAMINATE? with Ultraviolet Light Absorbers (UVLA) and a STABILIZED Hindered Amine LS/S. Optima designed and manufactured THE ORIGINAL UVLA/HALS LIQUID LAMINATE? for protecting artist papers, canvas, banners, all inkjet prints, and Giclee prints. Optima's proven LIQUID LAMINATE? has the longest running terrestrial spectrum fade resistance experiments in the industry, Optima International replaces The Optima Aerosol with The Optima Super Shot? users can now propel MXE? full strength. MXE? is the only product in the market that is ODORLESS, colorless, non-yellowing, highly flexible, anti-fungal, with our proven 200 year stabilized, ultraviolet light absorber, UV/LS/S.

The 16 oz. Super Shot? Liquid Laminator™ is REFILLABLE and RECHARGEABLE. No propellants and nothing to ever throw away. Refillable with either the Gloss or Satin Optima Liquid Laminate™. Rechargeable with the Optima Inflator.

Optima International presently has over two thousand end users and thirty-nine dealers worldwide. With the introduction of the Optima Super Shot? Liquid Laminator™, more printmakers than ever before will be able to apply these coatings easily.

Optima's approach assures the most cost effective, fade resistant solution in the industry. Optima International's Xenon Arc experiments provide superior reliability over any other type of accelerated experiments. MXE? can be applied by Optima Super Shot?, brush, roller, spray gun, airless, silkscreen, or draw down rod.

For mass production use the Optima Rollacoat System? Liquid Laminators™, 36" to 16.8' Roll Coaters with Infrared Dryers or UV Cure Dryer.


Optima Accessories

The OPTIMA Inflator? makes your Super Shot? Liquid Laminator? completely refillable at any time. It's a necessary and convenient accessory for every application.

The OPTIMA Converter? is required for use with the OPTIMA Inflator? outside of the U. S., whereever direct current is used, including Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Every Super Shot? Liquid Laminator? user should also have OPTIMA Resolvant? on hand for accessory clean-up and special mixing requirements to resolve any application errors. Keep these accessory supplies on hand whenever using Optima International products.


OPTIMA Rollacoat System?

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